Here at Coffee Bean International, roasting coffee is still an art form. And we know that customers can taste and appreciate the artisan difference. We roast exclusively in small batch, gas-fired drum roasters and then air-cool our coffee to maximize freshness. All of this is led by our experienced Roastmaster. He also oversees a 7-year apprenticeship program for all of our roasters, ensuring that the roasting process remains an art form, and is always at the heart of what we do.


Small batch specialty coffee that easily scales with your business is what we do. Our LEED® Silver certified roastery is uniquely designed to facilitate multiple batch sizes and multiple recipes, in parallel, with a consistent focus on coffee freshness and quality assurance. We couldn’t be prouder of our roastery and how it allows us to create and deliver the best coffee for a wide range of clients.

Freshness is not a detail. It’s is top of mind for us every minute of the day. Every process is designed to maximize coffee freshness because we all know that stale coffee isn’t specialty coffee. Read below to learn the extra steps we take to ensure coffee freshness every day.



All coffee at Coffee Bean International is purged after just 30 days. Together, we can build a high-velocity program that sets the strictest freshness standards in the business.



Simply put, there is no substitute for freshness. All of our coffee, regardless of pack type, is moved through five nitrogen flushes and then packaged with a 1-way structural valve. This allows for minimal oxygen exposure from the time the coffee leaves the roaster to when it is opened in the customer’s kitchen.



Take a minute to look in a bulk bin or open up a bag of whole bean coffee. See all of those broken beans? Broken beans stale faster and display poorly. When it comes to whole bean coffee, bean integrity is everything. That’s why we installed a Cablevey coffee transport system that gently moves coffee both vertically and horizontally through the production process.



We’re a world-class manufacturing company, with a long list of processes and systems put in place so your coffee program delivers top quality every time, all year round. Contact us for a detailed description of our QC and QA systems or to get a reference from an equally discerning customer.



To learn more call (800) 877-0477 and ask to speak with Sales.