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No matter the channel, we have a brand solution. For retail chains, we’ve developed control brands that offer regional exclusivity at varying price points. For independent coffee houses, we carry two brands that allow you to be you, while meeting the needs of two distinct coffee drinkers.



Our brand portfolio delivers best-in-class solutions for two category segments: fair trade and organic, middle-tier. Each brand comes with an array of marketing and merchandising support. Control brands offer a great opportunity to expand your coffee portfolio or fill an existing product gap with an off-the-shelf brand designed and targeted to a specific coffee consumer segment. And since control brands are designed for specific geographic markets, they open the door for you to feature them as an exclusive offering. Simply put, control brands allow you to secure private brand margins but without the lead time, investment, or resources required by a private brand.


We created this Direct Trade specialty coffee by collaborating directly with growers. Our long-standing relationship with small farm-holding families and their communities means we can source some of the highest quality coffee beans available. Ethically sourced with quality and sustainability in mind, this coffee brand helps us maintain a solid commitment to serving the finest products available, while insisting on their sustainable cultivation, manufacture, and distribution whenever possible.

Collaborative Coffee delivers an exceptional coffee drinking experience and helps growers improve their farming methods and communities.

Coffee House Brands

Our coffee house brands can complement your own brand or can take the lead in communicating quality to your customers. Our most popular solution is Panache-a comprehensive specialty coffee lineup.

Our Panache coffee reflects a careful, artisanal approach to buying and roasting our coffees. With a wide selection top quality specialty coffees-including classic single-origins, rare estates, organics, balanced blends, unique seasonal offerings, popular flavored coffees, exceptional dark roasts, and a wide variety of professional espressos-you’re sure to find many exceptional options.

Our passion for the coffee house experience was born naturally, from our own Public Domain coffee house in downtown Portland. Located in the heart of the Northwest, where coffee is a culture, Public Domain serves its own micro-lot roasted coffees. It’s truly a unique coffee-drinking experience you don’t want to miss.


Panache is a multi-award-winning coffee brand that provides artisan-roasted coffees directly to your shop. Featuring a full line of top quality specialty coffees—including organic, fair trade, single-origins, blends, seasonal offerings, flavored coffees, mountain water process decaf and a wide variety of espressos—you’ll never be at a loss for exceptional options. Beyond coffee, Panache® features POS materials, cups, ancillary products and more.

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Public Domain®

The Public Domain coffees and coffeehouse in downtown Portland were founded on our belief that the everyday coffee experience can be the best coffee experience. Serving exceptional single origins, roasted in micro-lots and prepared by top baristas, Public Domain offers an opportunity to share, experiment, learn, enjoy, and possibly change your perspective. Our mission is to craft exceptional coffees and to cultivate coffee passion among the public. Now, we can bring this unique specialty coffee experience to your café and customers with signature coffee that is uniquely ours—handcrafted, prepared and tested in our Public Domain coffee house.

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Although we don’t produce it ourselves, we love tea and can’t live without it—and neither should your business! We offer our own Xanadu® brand and partner with Numi to provide a full range of traditional, iced, and blended tea drink options.

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