Our NAM team delivers deep experience working with national, regional and local coffeehouses. Our goal is to create a partnership based on an informed product strategy so you can close the gap between your brand and the leading national brands.


Brand Strategy

An audit of your current coffees and how they communicate to coffee drinkers will allow us to understand, update, and differentiate a new way forward. We will work with you to position your coffee menu with a unique personality and promise that tells your coffee story, capturing the imagination—and loyalty—of your customers.


Market Insights

From new brands to new growers to changing consumer behavior, the coffee category is as dynamic as any. From our own custom primary research analytics to our current macro perspective, we’ll help you make informed strategic decisions on your shelf.


Coffee Content

The specialty coffee consumer seeks credible information. We can help you tell the detailed and authentic stories behind your specialty coffees, from the farms to the artisan roasting process, to how to make the perfect brew.



Coffee innovation is our business. We invite you to come visit our coffee concept in downtown Portland, Public Domain. Learn about our store design research process, our menu strategy, and our coffee-geek approach to service and barista training.