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When he joined Coffee Bean International 1982, Paul Thornton discovered a mentor in Coffee Bean International founders Jeff Ferguson and Gary Talboy, who spent hours with Paul just sitting and talking, roasting and cupping. Today, with over 27 years of coffee roasting and processing experience, and over 18 years of coffee procurement experience, Paul has helped the company become a coffee industry
leader by embracing its growth while continueing to push for improved quality levels. He has designed all of the company’s own brands, as well as our clients’ and developed a seven-year training program for all of the company's roasters. An industry pioneer, he assisted with the development of the nation’s first certified sustainable coffees, such as organics and Fair Trade coffees.

Paul is involved extensively in developing and managing quality standards for the coffee industry in the United States and abroad. He is currently the Chairperson for the Technical Standards Committee within the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), as well as the organization's President-elect. He is a founding member of the SCAA Roasters Guild and held a position on the Roasters Guild Executive Council from 2001 until his past Chair position ended in 2008. He also co-founded the Northwest Regional Roasters Group, which is designed to assist people within the Northwest to learn more about roasting, cupping and other general coffee topics. Paul is a certified Q Grader and SCAA Coffee Grader and he teaches classes at the annual SCAA Conference and in Hawaii every year to coffee farmers and other coffee organizations. Paul has long pioneered efforts to improve coffee quality, sustainability and efforts to improve coffee growers work and lives, and he has spent the last 6 years at the annual Kona Coffee Festival conducting roasting and cupping training classes helping farmers and processors understand their coffee as to how it relates to quality.


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