Where right brain meets left brain

Half of the Coffee Bean International organization is built to produce authentic, hand-crafted, specialty coffee. The other half is Account Services, a customer-focused organization dedicated to managing a turn-key “destination” coffee program.

Account Management

At the core of our Account Services group is our National Account Management team. You will have a dedicated National Account Manager (NAM for short) to support you and your business. Your NAM is your business partner, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Promotions and Events

When you have great coffee, tasting is believing. We can help you put together an engaging promotional plan that maximizes trial, at a cost that fits your budget.

SKU Rationalization

Too often, traditional category management tactics fail in coffee. Rely on our deep category experience and grocery expertise to help you make sound assortment decisions. We balance your brand directives with the consumer’s decision tree to elevate your total program’s shoppability and appeal.


With deep ties throughout the supply chain and decades of experience planning coffee buys around seasonal harvests, consumer demand and inventory optimization, we're able to help you manage your gross margins while ensuring supply year round.

Coffee Training

Informing is crucial to selling. Take advantage of our proprietary train-the-trainer coffee module. It's the best way to build a coffee culture in your organization, and among your customers.


Imagine a full-service branding agency focused exclusively on coffee. That's the creativelab. Services include identity, packaging, print, merchandisers, kiosk design, promo campaigns, and more.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is your signature, it’s how your coffee brand is understood, remembered, and identified in a sea of like-products. Our creativelab combines top-agency talent with unmatched category experience to create coffee-credible, differentiated brands.

Package Design

Product trial starts with smart packaging design. The creativelab will develop multiple packaging concepts, and then help you understand the messaging hierarchy that matches the consumers’ decision process—in coffee.

Signage and Graphics

Embellish your coffee section with innovative designs and messages that fit into your store’s current aesthetic and your brand’s personality. We want the purchase decision to be easy, and informed.

Merchandising and Display

Your program's success depends on its presentation. Effective coffee merchandising can be done on shelf or off, in the center-store or at the periphery. The creativelab has pre-vetted best-in-class fixtures and displays, customizable for multiple store formats.


Our marketing team delivers deep experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world. Our goal is to create a partnership formed on an informed product strategy so you can close the gap between your brand and the leading national brands.

Brand Strategy

An audit of your current brand and how it communicates to coffee drinkers will allow us to understand, update, and differentiate a new way forward. We will work with you to position your brand with a unique personality and promise that tells your coffee story, capturing the imagination—and loyalty—of your customers.

Market Insights

From new brands to new growers to changing consumer behavior, the coffee category is as dynamic as any. From our own custom primary research analytics, to our current macro perspective, we’ll help you make informed strategy decisions on your shelf.


There has never been a more crucial time to engage with your customers online. Tap into our eMarketing expertise build your own coffee microsite, social media strategy, and eCommerce platform.

Coffee Content

The specialty coffee consumer seeks credible information. We can help you tell the detailed and authentic stories behind your specialty coffees, from the farms to the artisan roasting process, and how to make the perfect brew.


In coffee, trends start at the coffee house and slowly move to the grocery aisle. With hundreds of active independent coffee houses as our customers (plus the innovative Public DomainTM retail concept in downtown Portland), innovation is our business.

Supply Chain

From origin to the point of consumption, we work tirelessly to ensure delivery of the perfect beans at the perfect time. Our roastery was built to take advantage of the most advanced packaging technologies, with strict inventory management and stock rotation standards.

Sourcing Green

We have almost 40 years of experience buying specialty-grade coffees from 20+ arabica-growing countries, every year. Leverage our knowledge of the coffee market to improve your coffee quality (and freshness), and lower your exposure to price volatility. We offer differential and outright priced coffees.

Consistent Quality

The new facility is designed to maximize freshness and consistent quality. Withe nine individual hoppers, oxygen-free silos, one-way structural de-gassing valves on all pack types, Cablevey coffee transport, the list goes on and on. Our technology investment in coffee quality is unparalleled.


We offer FTL and LTL shipping, and we can handle eCommerce shipping direct to store, or direct to consumers, with a dedicated UPS packaging line.

Customer Service

Need help now? No problem. Your dedicated support team is available and on call—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.