Who is selling your brand’s share of the espresso category?

If a national brand is selling what should be your brand’s share of the low competition espresso market, you can claim it now.

Coffee Bean International can produce a top-quality espresso tin for your brand so you can now sell your share of this highly valuable (as in 50% gross margin valuable) market. We know the days are gone when private brand offerings were reserved for the bottom shelf. These specialty tins will attract new buyers, as a high value proposition on espresso in tins is rarely available.

Thanks to millions of dollars in advertising poured into espresso drink marketing this year, customers are ready for it. They try it for value, but because of our artisanal approach to roasting, and high-tech oxygen flushing system which preserves freshness, they will buy again for quality. And all the while, your brand name on the tin will be proudly displayed on the kitchen counter, never to be banished away to the cupboard again.


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