What's Cupping Best - Rwanda Nyamwenda

The new crop of Rwanda Nyamwenda from the COOPAC coffee cooperative is outstanding. Cultivated on the steep slopes of northern Rwanda’s volcanic mountains above Lake Kivu, the rich soil, high altitude, and abundant rainfall yield a stellar coffee that is characterized by heavy tangerine flavor and an intense blackberry fruitiness and floral aroma. The bright acidity complements a well-balanced body that is laced with notes of rich molasses. Nyamwenda is a washing station that can be accessed by a boat ride across Lake Kivu. From the station, there is a view of some of the coffee farms located on beautiful islands in the lake. The nations’ struggles in the past decade have drastically affected coffee exports from Rwanda but collaborative efforts, such as COOPAC, have finally put Rwanda on the map as a producer of some of Africa’s finest coffees. Rwanda’s reputation is validated by this year’s Nyamwenda!


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