The Ultimate Coffee Cred

Looking to gain some street cred in the coffee business? Buy Cup of Excellence® coffee for your brand.

Every year, more countries and farms are participating in the Cup of Excellence (COE), a rigorous competition that anoints the top 10-20 coffees from each participating country. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, the COE program is highly regarded as one of the leading ways to discover and present the world’s finest coffees.

The competition starts each year shortly after harvest, when top regional farmers are invited to submit samples to a regional jury. Regional favorites are selected to present before an international panel of judges from all over the world (primarily specialty roasters from the US, Japan, Canada and Europe). Then, during a seven day process, the judges “cup” the top 60 coffees on a 100-point cupping scale.

On the seventh day, finalists are announced and sent to auction. Coffee Bean International seeks out exceptional quality coffees such as these for quality focused clients. This year the two top lots from the Colombian Cup of Excellence competition commanded the highest price ever paid for coffee from the country (where our V.P. of Coffee Culture, Bruce Mullins was a member of the international jury). These lots were purchased by Coffee Bean International on behalf of Target.

So gain some street cred for your brand, and at the same time add value to the coffee growing countries and the family farms in them that work to produce some of the best coffees the world has ever known.


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