Direct Trade

Just Arrived: Project Direct™ Peru San Ignacio!

We are buzzing because the San Ignacio has finally arrived! After many miles traveled and hundreds of coffees tasted, we chose our new direct trade coffees from 20 small farms in the San Ignacio region of Peru. The ideal terrain and dedication of the farmers initially attracted us to the region. After witnessing the passion for producing a great coffee experience, we are excited to have a long-term direct buying relationship with the farmers of San Ignacio. As part of an intimate relationship we are committed to regional stability, healthful farming practices, and economic transparency, which is the key in allowing farmers to command higher prices. Read more »


More Cupping in Rwanda and the King's Hut

Paul Songer has the process for this project mapped out really well. He also has an excellent awareness of statistical data. Seven primary coffee growing regions in Rwanda had been identified as potential appellations. Last year, the panel, with deep experience in this sort of cupping (descriptive cupping that is) narrowed this down to three by cupping each numerous times over the year and coming to the conclusion there are three three primary character differences. Read more »

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