In Search of Direct Trade Coffee from Colombia - Day 3

We spent Day 3 in Colombia not visiting farms, but we headed back to Bogota to visit the FNC headquarters and cup the microlots from the farmers we visited over the course of the past two days.  Before that, however, we got a quick rest in and a trip to an artisan market.  Back at FNC headquarters we toured the offices and the Juan Valdez shop then headed to their quality analysis lab to cup coffee.  The lab was very impressive, with a large full time cupping and analysis staff in conjunction with Almacafe.  

The cupping went very well.  The coffees were randomized and numbered so that no farmer could be preferred, and all of the coffees were of a very high quality, cupping above an 84 as promised. 

The rest of my day was spent getting to Lima, to meet Paul set off for our next adventure.  As side note, when I came around the corner Paul looked at me and just laughed.  To be fair, I only looked so ridiculous because I had a cast covered in mud, 2 backpacks, and about 8 hours of sleep over the past 3 days.  I scored some awesome traveler points when I ran into an old friend at the airport, who offered to take us back the next morning.  Always an adventure….

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