Rain, Le Nez de Café and more Cupping

It’s Nov 18, I think. Nice day today. It rained like crazy last night. Lighting and thunder, the whole works.

On our first two days, we spent the time reminding our noses and taste buds what aromatics, taste and acids tasted like. The intention was to have in front of us, the taste and aromatic attributes we were finding in the three appellation coffee’s so we could refresh and train ourselves to these attributes. We have been using the Le Nez de Café aromatic kit and a super cool wine tasting kit with even more aromatics. It is clear to me at this point that these three regions (let’s call them appellations from now on), have characters unique to each of them. It’s clear to me the direction of the trend also. Like I said earlier, Paul Songer won’t let just a few tests tell the story. After several cuppings, I do believe one appellation has a darker fruit, sweetness, and body hat others don’t have. And I believe another has almond, orange (or some citrus peel type), and perhaps a lighter body that the others don’t have. Over the week, Paul has been varying what the panel is going to taste each day, based on the tastings that take place. The last two days we have been doing things like putting more specific names to the citrus -- or trying to! Is it lemon, lime, lemon-lime, or…

Looking forward to seeing how the Bolivia COE is going to come through via the internet….. BUT, the phones are great!! I have a signal nearly every place I go.  


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