Just Arrived: Project Direct™ Peru San Ignacio!

We are buzzing because the San Ignacio has finally arrived! After many miles traveled and hundreds of coffees tasted, we chose our new direct trade coffees from 20 small farms in the San Ignacio region of Peru. The ideal terrain and dedication of the farmers initially attracted us to the region. After witnessing the passion for producing a great coffee experience, we are excited to have a long-term direct buying relationship with the farmers of San Ignacio. As part of an intimate relationship we are committed to regional stability, healthful farming practices, and economic transparency, which is the key in allowing farmers to command higher prices. By vetting coffees at the farm level, we can ensure the growers who make improvements to their farm practices—and hence their coffees—are rewarded for their efforts with increased pay. We are proud to work with this group of committed farmers and to be part of the evolution as the already high-quality coffee grown in San Ignacio continues to improve. Unlike typical coffees from Peru, the San Ignacio has excellent balance between rich, creamy body and apple-like acidity. The coffee is well balanced and laced with lovely ripe fruit notes and bittersweet cocoa. Find out more about Coffee Bean International’s Project Direct™ at www.projectdirectcoffee.com.


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