Great coffee is Public Domain

Built on the belief that coffee should be an experience, not just a routine, we are proud to announce our flagship coffeehouse, Public Domain. Public Domain brings our new line of small batch roasted, seasonal coffees, world class baristas, a pour over brew bar and the innovative new espresso machine, the Slayer, to downtown Portland.

Our creativelab set out to build an experience focused entirely on different methods of engaging with and learning about specialty coffee. The espresso machines sit in the middle of the room, back-to-back, encircled in a "stage like" ring of lights to encourage interaction with the baristas and offering the ability to view them working on their craft from all angles.

Roastmaster Paul Thornton sees Public Domain as the place where we can interact directly with coffee drinkers, and create conversations around the appreciation of great coffees. Paul recently purchased the revered Panama Esmeralda to feature in the store, a coffee that may not have found itself into our hands without a direct line to the consumer.

The roasters and baristas host open cuppings each day at 1 pm (5pm as of 6/21), to introduce customers to professional tasting techniques and encourage them to sniff, slurp and share their thoughts on specialty coffee in a fun and approachable environment.

We hope you’ll stop by for a cupping, Happy Hour Espresso Tasting, Home Brewing class or one of our other events, found here on the website. Until then, keep in touch via our blog at, on Facebook or at


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