Coffee Bean International Receives BEST Award

This morning, Mayor Sam Adams presented the 19th annual BEST Awards, with Coffee Bean International named winner in the medium-sized business category.

The BEST Award recognizes Portland businesses which demonstrate commitment to excellence in sustainable business practices. It is given in seven categories based on size and the nature of their practices. Coffee Bean International was recognized for “(making) tremendous strides in developing innovative ways to reduce coffee's collective carbon footprint, improve the social equity of millions of coffee growers, increase the attention paid to sustainable coffee-growing methods, and deliver a massive reduction in landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions.”

The accomplishment was spearheaded by Product Manager, Sarah Beaubien, who says, “Sustainability at Coffee Bean International has evolved in a very holistic way. Our LEED® Silver certified roastery has been a great step in helping us operate efficiently. It’s just a step in the process, though. We work to achieve sustainability throughout the complex coffee production process, and simultaneously contribute to factors that will help bring improvements to specialty coffee quality and the lives of those who are part of it.”

Our employee-led SEED (social, economic, environmental development) team initiates and implements programs throughout the company by seeking solutions throughout the company that collectively make significant impact. They’ve developed programs around organizing alternative transportation methods, reducing corporate travel by 25%, electricity by 8%, encouraging recycling that contributes to 100% organic waste composting,  100% burlap bag recycling, and reducing waste to the landfill by 165,000 pounds, all the while fostering creativity around even more sustainable business practices.

The SEED-sponsored annual Sustainability Report discusses these efforts in greater detail.

Learn more about the BEST Award here.


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