Coffee Bean Announced part of Global Coffee Quality Research Initiative with SCAA and Borlaug Institute

Coffee Bean International, along with other leading U.S. specialty coffee businesses and the SCAA, is proud to be a co-founder of the “Global Coffee Quality Research Initiative” (GCQRI). The Initiative is an industry-based effort to collectively design and fund a body of carefully-directed scientific research into two key areas: first, scientifically investigating and discovering environmentally and socially sustainable ways to alleviate long-term supply concerns for specialty-grade green coffees in the US and other existing and emerging consuming nations (basically, demand is starting to outstrip supply, and we simply can’t just plant more because of limitations of land and people); second, simultaneously investigating and discovering the genetic and environmental factors that combine to create a great cup of specialty coffee in the first place (we really can’t answer what genetic or environmental factors cause one coffee to cup at an 88, while a similar coffee from the same region only cups at a 78). Simply put, the goal of the Initiative is to try and do something that is common in all other important agricultural products but has never been attempted before in coffee– to fund long-range research that will improve the future of specialty coffee world-wide by working today to discover sustainable ways of growing an ever-increasing overall supply of specialty-grade green coffees to keep pace with increasing world demand, while at the same time learning how to elevate cup quality by growing coffees that taste better and better as time goes on. 

Read the full press release here.


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