August 2010

Rwanda Cup of Excellence® Competition - Part 2

We are mid-way through the Cup of Excellence competition here in Rwanda, and I wanted to take an opportunity to share some details of the event. Read more »


Roaster Restoration – Part 2

Bishops’ Hats and Scally Caps

For over twenty years, I’ve longed to get my hands on a Whitmee coffee roaster. Due to their extreme scarcity and cost - whenever one did come onto the market in the UK, it carried a price beyond my means - the dream eluded me. I contented myself instead by diligently researching and collecting heavy-duty ‘Monitor’ roasters built here in the U.S. and amazing open-drum and open-flame ‘Uno’ roasters manufactured in England.

Why Whitmee? Read more »


Rwanda Cup of Excellence® Competition - Part 1

One of the most anticipated coffee events of 2010 is about to happen – the Cup of Excellence® competition being held in Rwanda at the end of August! I’m honored and thrilled to have been selected as one of the handful of international cupping judges for this competition, proudly representing Coffee Bean International. Read more »


Coffee Aisle Lessons from the Underwear Legend

Living in England, a friend advised me “you have to buy new underwear at Marks & Spencer. Everybody buys their underwear at Marks & Spencer.” Where I came from it was uncommon to buy underwear at the same place you shopped for your fruits and vegetables, but with a recommendation like that, where do you think I bought my next underwear?

Marks & Spencer gained fame for its underwear by standing out for its pure and simple quality. Read more »