July 2010

Weather Gets Warmer, Coffee Gets Colder

As the weather gets warmer, sales of hot brewed coffee and tea often drop. Retailers can counter the drop in hot beverages by building a solid iced coffee program and capitalizing on a key growth opportunity. As a specialty coffee roaster, Coffee Bean International® recommends that, whenever possible, our customers promote an iced coffee program that utilizes the same high-quality, artisan-roasted coffee that they promote in their hot coffee program. Read more »


Reflections on Peru

When you think of Peru you may think of the Andes Mountains, Macchu Picchu, smiling, ruddy-cheeked people in multi-colored garb but maybe not of extraordinary coffee. I didn’t. Then, I tasted coffee from the San Ignacio region, and now I can imagine nothing else when I think of Peru. The cup is bursting with ripe fruit notes and has a rich, creamy body and bittersweet cocoa notes. After singing these praises you can imagine how excited I was to meet the farmers who grew this noteworthy coffee. Read more »


Roaster Restoration – Part 1

Salvation of a Steampunk Roaster

I’m the first to admit that I’m passionate about coffee – and in particular, coffee roasters. That probably explains why I decided years ago to collect coffee roasters, and now find myself owning seven of them (not counting my three sample roasters, of course…they’re so petite!) in sizes ranging from a husky half-bagger all the way down to a diminutive three-pound countertop beauty.

Some guys collect cars. I round-up roasters. Same disease, different symptoms. Read more »