April 2010

Of Dark Roasts and Oaky Wines

It used to be the morning ritual. One cup, never more. Usually Peet’s—or the darkest, and strongest option available. My philosophy was, “I like it strong with plenty of cream,” and it held up through over 15 years of passionate coffee drinking. Read more »


Obesity, Breakfast Wars, and the Coffee Aisle

We’ll get to that intriguing title in a second. But first, let’s ask:

Is Coffee a Breakfast Item?

Sounds like a silly question, right? Especially for you, Mr. Café Owner.  You’ve known for years that 80% of your traffic comes before 10 am. Good coffee sales equals great profitability for you. What about on the grocery shelf? Do coffee and breakfast go together there? Seems like it should. But back to the intrigue… Read more »